Transactional Testing with Pytest and Flask-SQLAlchemy

18 July 2018

Announcing a new pytest plugin for isolating tests in highly stateful Flask-SQLAlchemy apps.

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python pytest testing

Transaction Types in Django Tests

30 January 2018

Django provides two classes for running tests in transactions: TestCase and TransactionTestCase. What's the difference?

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testing transactions django

It's Encodings All the Way Down

12 December 2017

Encodings define representational systems for communicating abstractions. That's why they let you do magical things, like use a haiku, or a T-Shirt, to decrypt DVDs.

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abstraction and implementation encodings symbols

The Price Is Right: SQL Edition

4 December 2017

The PostgreSQL query planner makes clear the costs and benefits of declarative programming.

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SQL declarative programming

Process and Procedure

26 November 2017

As Scheme knows, procedures and processes are very different beasts. Tail recursion makes this distinction clear.

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recursion and iteration lisp scheme abstraction and implementation

New paper: Machine Assisted Dossiers

14 November 2017

Requirements for a knowledge system that can manage ambiguity during investigations and produce useful, structured data as a byproduct.

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research knowledge systems data architecture