A New Media campaign to convince Chance the Rapper to run for mayor of Chicago.

Chano4Mayor launched in April 2017 as an exercise in political imagination. What would happen if a young, Black artist from the South Side were to gain a position of power in Chicago, a city which has worked for a century to disempower and disenfranchise its Black citizens?

Together with Alex Soble, Bea Malsky, and Kalil Smith-Nuevelle, I helped create a new media campaign to explore this question. We built a website, a Twitter account, and a meme generator to help people play with our vision of a more just Chicago.

An excerpt from Text is excerpted from Chance's song
"Somewhere in Paradise". It reads: "They say I'm savin' my city,
say I'm stayin' for good, they screamin' #chano4mayor, I'm thinkin' maybe I 
should" "An excerpt from An illustration of Chance's famous
hat shows that 44 people have tweeted the hashtag #chano4mayor
this week." An excerpt from An excerpt from Text gives information about how and when
to register to vote in the 2018 mayoral

Twitter campaign

We also built a Twitter account with a meme generator that takes text from mentions and creates memes about Chance.

Twitter account for Chano4Mayor2k19 Twitter feed of people using the hashtag #chano4mayor

Building Chano4Mayor

Watch me and Alex give a talk about lessons we learned from building Chano4Mayor at Chi Hack Night.

If you prefer, take a look at the slides that powered our presentation.

Slides from our talk

Selected press

We got a lot of press for Chano4Mayor. The following are the highlights.

Ebony magazine Ebony Magazine, "June Cover Issue Exclusive: Chance the Rapper for President?"

The Fader The Fader, "Fans Have Launched A Campaign To Convince Chance The Rapper To Run For Mayor Of Chicago"

The Chicago Sun-Times The Chicago Sun-Times, "Chance the Mayor? Website aims to draft rapper to challenge Rahm"

Complex Complex, "Chance the Mayor: This Is What It Would Look Like If Chance Ran for Office in Chicago"

The Chicago Tribune The Chicago Tribune, "Chance the Rapper for mayor?"

ABC Chicago ABC Chicago, "Chance for Chicago mayor? Online effort urges rapper to enter 2019 race"