Jean Cochrane

designs dynamic tools for understanding geography, technology, and distributions of power—with a commitment to public data and critical design.

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Divvy For All?

interactive maps of bikesharing.


a sci-fi smartphone simulator.

Police Complaint Flowchart

how are complaints investigated?

Queer Theory Bot

academia, automated.

What is Community Journalism?

an illustrated primer.

Chicago Transit Disparities

is the south side a transit desert?

Underfunded Education

geography of a budget crisis.

Please Unfold

a month of queer zines.

My Trans Memoir

exploding the tropes of the genre.

JANE: A Brief History

underground abortions on the South Side.

Hard Femme

soft queer pop songs.

What Is Hard Femme?

in case you were wondering.

Missing U.

archiving a relationship with Yelp.

Documentary Comics Workshop

telling stories to change the world.

I Don't Trust Straight People

a music video.

Our Solipsistic Nightmare

DIY rock opera.

Slurp's Up

music for gender politicians.

Noise Before Music

a profile of travis.

Resistence Remembered

a profile of Monica Trinidad.

Queering Black History

"we are all inherently valuable."


I follow back.